Shri Badrinath Dham

Badrinath is one of the most popular religious towns of the Hindus located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand in India. Badrinath is the most important of all the four (Char) Dhams in India. The town of Badrinath lies between Nar and Naryana mountain ranges and in the shadow of the mighty Nilkantha peak, 301 km north of Rishikesh. The town is located at an elevation of 3,133mts above sea level on the left bank of Alakananda River.

Badrinath Kapat Opening Dates: The kapat of Shri Badrinath Temple will be opened on 11th May 2016.

Places to See in Badrinath

Badrinath Temple

also one of the Panch Badris. The other four badris are Yogadhyan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Bridha Badri or the 'Old Badri' and Adi Badri.

The Badrinath area is known as Badari or Badarikaashram in Hindu scriptures. It is a place sacred to Vishnu, particularly in Vishnu's dual form of Nara-Narayana. Thus, in the Mahabharata, Krishna, addressing Arjuna, says, "Thou wast Nara in a former body, and, with Narayana for thy companion, didst perform dreadful austerity at Badari for many myriads of years."

Brahma Kapal

Brahma Kapal is a ghat situated on the banks of Alaknanda River and is situated in the vicinity of Badrinath temple. It is a flat platform where Hindus perform several rituals and pay homage to the departed souls and also proffer sraddha to their ancestors.

It is believed that Lord Brahma resides in Brahma Kapal Ghat. It is also believed that the head of Brahma had fallen off at this place. Travellers visiting Brahma Kapal can also visit Mata Murthy Temple, Sheshnetra Temple and Charanpaduka Temple which are situated nearby.

Tapt Kund

Tapt Kund is the abode of Lord Agni and is famous for its medicinal properties. Before entering the Badrinath Temple, one has to take a holy dip in the Tapt Kund. The dip into the hot water of this kund is believed to be spiritually rejuvenating and relieves the sins.

The temperature of the water of Kund is 45° Celsius and there are number of hot water springs on the banks of Alaknanda River.

Vasudhara Falls

Vasundhara Falls is one of the famous tourist attractions, which lies in the Mana Village. These falls are surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and are situated at a distance of 4 km from Badrinath.

The water of this cascading falls flows down from the height of 400 ft and is situated at an altitude of 12,000 ft. It is believed that the water of Vasundhara Falls turns away from the visitors who are not pure at heart. From a distance, the water of the fall seems to be like milk flowing down the mountain.

Mata Murti Temple

Mata Murti Temple is situated at a distance of 3 km from Badrinath on the banks of River Alaknanda. This temple is dedicated to Mata Murti, the mother of two sons Narayana and Nara.

There is a popular belief that the goddess has power of granting Vairagya to those who meditate sincerely in her presence. The temple is visited for worshipping Mata Murti on Ashtami, Shukla Tritiya and Chaturdashi. Moreover, during the time of Mata Murti Ka Mela, the mother of Shri Badrinath is worshipped.


Bheem Pul

Bheem Pul is situated opposite to the Vyas Gufa in Mana Village. It is a huge rock which acts as a natural bridge across the Saraswati River. The Saraswati River flows with force in between the two mountains and joins the Alaknanda River. It is believed that Bheem, one of the five Pandavas, threw a huge rock in order to make a path to join the two mountains so that Draupadi could easily walk over it.